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Westpac Resurrecting Dead Brand for Online Direct Arm?

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!Australian bank Westpac is considering reviving the Bank of Melbourne brand it retired years ago following an acquisition. Westpac is reportedly planning to relaunch the Bank of Melbourne as on online internet direct bank. “The idea is to use the Bank of Melbourne as an online deposit. More Details

Fighting Axe Grinders and Their Online Vendettas

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!The Scenario Someone feels they’ve been mistreated by your financial institution. They’re pissed off, so they launch a hard-hitting online vendetta against you, centering around a new blog or website. They pull no punches, bitterly and ferociously ripping into you. They keep pushing your buttons trying to. More Details

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE! Addison Avenue FCU is targeting those who may have a problem with “bank addiction” in its latest campaign, “Bank Intervention.” The promo, produced by Weber Marketing Group, has an overall tone that is wry and sassy, and its microsite is entertaining — all while successfully managing. More Details

Beneficial Ads Push 3rd-Party Spending Analyzer

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!In an effort to get savers and spenders to look at a bigger financial picture, Beneficial Bank is asking people “What would you do if you knew where your money was going?” Beneficial is offering Intuit’s FinanceWorks free to all customers. The application provides online viewing and. More Details

A Great Campaign That Raises a Question of Social Media Ethics

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!Anyone with a dry sense of humor will love the “I Love Fees” campaign from Coast Capital Savings up in British Columbia. The tongue-in-cheek promotion makes fun of Canada’s big five banks for charging billions in fees every year. The campaign mocks a genre of ads that. More Details

ING Stacks Consumers’ Finances Against Peers

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!A new, free web-tool from ING,, uses peer data to let people see where they stand on a wide range financial matters including savings, spending, investing, debt and planning. (See screenshots below.) When you’re done answering questions, you can ask ING to generate a PDF report. More Details

Trend Alert: Online Financial Makeover Reality Contests

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!This year, credit unions across the country are offering “savings challenges,” reality-based contests in which selected finalists compete to achieve specific savings and debt reduction goals (see 8 examples below). Participants work with a financial planner on a set of realistic yet ambitious financial goals. Over the. More Details

Turmoil in the Financial Industry = Good Phishing Waters

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!The financial industry is being rocked by an unprecedented level of mergers, acquisitions and failures. You can count on a fresh batch of FDIC/NCUA seizures every Friday. Estimates vary, but it is expected that the financial crisis will claim between 300 and 1,200 banks before it’s all. More Details

Financial Industry Websites You Should Be Checking Out

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!There are many fantastic resources available to financial professionals on the web these days. It’s simply amazing how much good information is out there — for free. But here are a few of the best sites (in no particular order) you may not have heard of, or. More Details

Online Anniversary Promo Nets $5 Million in New Deposits

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!SharePlus Bank in Plano, Texas just celebrated its 50th anniversary with a $50,000 promotion that netted 500 new customers and generated over $5 million in new deposits. Note: The grand prize cost the bank an average of $100 per new customer. The 1950s-themed promotion which ran during. More Details

Cash Back Boulevard from Zions Bank

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!To launch its new cash-based rewards program, Zions Bank created an offbeat microsite, Cash Back Boulevard, built around a challenging online game. Putting the total cash rewards on a live meter on the site is brilliant. It adds credibility to the abstract and indirect concept of a. More Details

ING microsite targets renters for home loans

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!  [Editor’s Note: This program is about 18 months old, but it just crossed my desk for the first time last week. Have you heard of it? After generating some initial buzz, it doesn’t appear to have gained any real traction. Sources at Netbanker say there was. More Details

Mo Banking Knowledge ‘On Your Internets’

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE! Mo Rocca, a comedian and political satirist of some success, plays a man-on-the-street character in one of Bank of America’s latest promotions, “Mo on Banking.” In a series of online videos at a microsite, Mo reports wryly on banking topics, including this tidbit from the intro. More Details

Datahead: Facts on TV and online financial ads

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!A study by Bigresearch says this is what people do when TV commercials come on: 41.2% of viewers take a peak at what’s on other channels 33.5% talk with others in the room or by phone 30.2% mentally tune out 5.5% pay attention to commercials TV’s influence. More Details

FORUM sponsors Indianapolis Colts online ‘Fan Forum’

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!FORUM Credit Union in Indiana is sponsoring the Indianapolis Colts’ ‘Fan Forum,’ linked off of a banner ad on the team’s official NFL website (left-hand column). The forum has some impressive numbers to offer. The main forum has over 400 “threads” (basically “separate discussions”), where users have. More Details

Credit Unions Utilization of YouTube Increases

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!Informal research conducted by 36kr indicates a significant increase in the utilization of video sharing tools such as YouTube by credit unions. Search results for “credit union” on YouTube went up 47% over a 3-month period: October 2007: 524 January 2008: 772 Google Video results. More Details

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