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Public Confused, Angry Over Credit Union ‘Bailout’

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!In less than a day, Google News listed no less than 300 different stories about the failure of three corporate credit unions. Many reports inaccurately characterized the conservatorship of these institutions and the NCUIF payback plan as a “bailout.” Regardless of the truth and how it all. More Details

Money Grows on Trees in RaboDirect PR Guerilla Stunt

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!Fascinating range of behaviors exposed by socio-pyschological experiment You’ve probably heard the expression, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well in Australia, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In May, RaboDirect conducted an unusual social experiment to see how Aussies would react when presented with a tree. More Details

Citizens Brand: ‘Good Banking Is Good Citizenship’

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE! Citizens Bank is dumping its current tagline, “Not Your Typical Bank,” and replacing it with a new brand theme, “Good Banking is Good Citizenship.” The bank will be using the “citizenship” concept as its primary brand platform, starting with an ad blitz Citizens describes as its. More Details

Teacher to Win One Year’s Rent From Credit Union

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!OnPoint Community Credit Union, based in Portland, Oregon, is looking to honor the area’s top educators with The OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education ( One Educator of the Year will have their mortgage paid for a full year, $5,000 donated to their school for resources. More Details

Mega Merger Creates Synergies…and Concerns

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!“For over a year, our Board of Directors has been searching for a replacement. Benson Porter, Addison Avenue’s current President and CEO seemed like a great match, but there was one problem, he was pretty committed to Addison Avenue. When the Board looked a little deeper, they. More Details

Aussie Banker Caught on TV Ogling Semi-Nude Pics

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE! It started like any other typical Tuesday afternoon interview, as Macquarie Private Wealth expert Martin Lakos discussed the Australian central bank’s latest interest rate decision with the Seven Network. But unknown to Lakos, a colleague, Macquarie broker David Kiely, can be seen over his shoulder in. More Details

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl?

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!In the midst of your holiday preparations and jubilations, you — along with the rest of America — probably missed the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Played on December 23, the game pitted the barely-ranked Utah Utes against the unranked Cal State Bears. (FYI –. More Details

Aussie Bank Slips on Banana Analogy

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!A three-minute video comparing Westpac Bank’s lending rates to the costs of making smoothies is driving Australians bananas. In an attempt to justify Westpac’s 45 basis point jump in standard variable mortgage rates, the bank created a longwinded video parable drawing an analogy between the worldwide financial. More Details

Make Promos Out of Money You Already Give Away

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!The announcement from JP Morgan Chase that its retail banking arm is giving away $5 million to charities via a Facebook promotion signals an emerging trend in how financial institutions allocate their corporate donations. By adding relatively simple and straightforward marketing components, financial institutions are transforming their. More Details

Guerilla Good Deeds Promote New Branch

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!In the weeks leading up to the grand opening of AltaOne Federal Credit Union latest branch, the credit union sent out a street team to conduct random acts of kindness. The hitch? No one knew AltaOne was behind the good deeds. AltaOne waited to uncloak themselves until. More Details

Pay It Forward: The Ripple Effect

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!Almost a year ago to the day, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union unveiled a new type of promotion never before seen in the financial industry. They asked people, “If we gave you $10? What would you do for someone else?” For their answers, the credit union gave away. More Details

BofA’s Bad Eggs: Dumb & Dumber

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE!BofA has taken a lot of heat in the press lately. As if all the problems surrounding TARP, their merger with Merrill Lynch and executive compensation aren’t enough to deal with, the bank has to respond to public outrage when one of their 300,000 employees makes a. More Details

Save Hard. Spend Smart.

Subscribe to 36kr via email for FREE! “We believe in the idea that retirement, vacations and optimism are still very doable, and we’re initiating the ‘Save Hard, Spend Smart’ movement to prove it.” — Umpqua Bank The centerpiece of Umpqua’s “Save Hard, Spend Smart” initiative is a sprawling, multifaceted website that the bank. More Details

Bank’s Social Media Hits High School Gridiron

Eastern Bank is asking high school football teams in eastern and central Massachusetts “What makes your team special?” Entries, submitted via email, can be videos, photos, audio recordings and essays. All submissions will be posted online at the promotion’s blog for the public to view. A select number of teams will be invited to send. More Details

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